Explore Dubai From New Heights – Skydive & Gyrocopter

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Just added to our all-inclusive ultra-luxe Serata Dubai Lamborghini adventure: Skydive and Gyrocopter.

    What kind of adrenaline adventures are on your bucket-list? Are you ready to see Dubai from extreme heights?

    You’ll be able to check off multiple bucket-list experiences during Serata Dubai, including seeing The Palm Islands from 1,500 above ground in a Gyrocopter OR if you you dare, free fall at 120 miles per hour toward the few islands seen from space.

    TIP: If this is your first time skydiving, don’t be nervous at all. The scariest part is the anticipation leading up to the jump but once you jump, you won’t feel any vertigo or any G-force. Your heart racing plummet is met by the wind in your face and then you’re peacefully gliding down after the parachute opens.

    Who’s ready to join us in Dubai? Register today or request more details about November Serata Dubai Lamborghini event.